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  • Special Offer - World Beer Report in 2017
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  • Media Release - World Beer Market forecast around 1% growth in 2017
  • Media Release - World Beer Market falls in 2015   
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    World Beer Report
    The Ultimate Guide to World Beer, published every year since 1994

    Includes volume data covering all 210 beer markets worldwide

    Key Benefits

    bulletConsumption in thousands of hectolitres by country (khl)
    bulletPer Capita in litres by country
    bulletProduction by country khl
    bulletExports by country khl
    bulletImports by country khl
    bulletPopulation in millions
    bulletGDP per Capita in US$
    bulletCountry consolidation schedule - latest year data
    bulletGlobal summary schedule identifying top 2 brewers by country
    bulletIndustry Value summary sheet (US$)
    bulletData grouped into 4 major geographic REGIONS and 14 SUB-REGIONS to simplify business planning 
    bullet10-Year History, Consumption FORECASTS years 2017, 2018, 2020, 2025  & 2030 with commentary and current market OUTLOOK 
    bulletRanking tables of leading VOLUME and GROWTH indicators 
    bulletDefinitive table of TOP 40 World BREWERS, with SALES shown by 4 main geographic REGIONS. ANALYSIS of top international groups
    bulletDefinitive table of TOP 70 World Beer BRANDS 
    bulletAnalysis of international sales volumes : identifies fastest growing international brands
    bulletWorld Beer Consumption by Product Sector (summary)
    bulletWorld Beer Consumption by Pack Type (summary)
    bulletText, Analysis and Colour Graphs





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