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    West Europe Beer Report


    May 2004


    Detailed analysis of market segmentation and extensive company and brand data are the key elements of Plato Logic’s latest West Europe report, published every year in May. 

    “In such a competitive business, getting accurate market intelligence at the earliest opportunity can help businesses to plan ahead and gain an edge over their competitors,” commented Ian Pressnell, Director of Plato Logic. 

    Plato Logic’s central focus is on producing all of their reports by using consistent methodology in gathering and analysing the information and then turning it into a user-friendly report that provides some of the most detailed and useful market intelligence on the beer industry. 

    As beer market specialists Plato Logic have extensive knowledge of the 17 countries covered in the report containing key top-line data, together with very detailed analysis of each country. 

    “It has been a very interesting and complex market over the last year.  With so many different factors at work there is a need to understand the impact of the various mergers and acquisitions, climatic and economic influences.  Germany experienced radical changes over the last two to three years and our report helps to put all of those changes into perspective for our extensive client list,” continued Ian Pressnell. 

    Looking at the report’s Top Ten Companies Sales in 2003, Heineken are in top place with Interbrew in second position, followed by Scottish and Newcastle and Carlsberg in third and fourth positions.  The ‘Big 4’ now have a clear lead in the region, with combined volume of over 145mhl (pro forma 2003) being almost 50% of the market. 

    Mainly as a result of their investments in the UK and Germany, Interbrew have risen from seventh place in 1991 to second place in 2003. 

    Two companies in the Top Ten come from outside the region with Coors in sixth position and SABMiller entering the West Europe Top Ten for the first time. 

    The influence of the weather, with one of the best summers for many years, largely benefited the off-trade and, with the exception of Germany, canned beer sales rose in nearly all markets.  

    Plato Logic reports that the strongest market growth in 2003 was seen in Spain and Italy. The report's medium term outlook for the year 2015 also sees further gains in Southern Europe partially off-setting the ‘top-line’ decline in the mature German and UK markets.

    Concealed behind a flat 'top-line' is a very dynamic market with many factors continuing to influence future development, including EU enlargement and the impact of the Euro, while the new anti-smoking legislation in Ireland is likely to be watched closely by other countries.

    The report also looks at market segmentation with the total premium beer market in West Europe advancing again, passing 87mhl in 2003, equivalent to 29% of total consumption.  Plato Logic have further subdivided the premium sector into ‘pilsner’ style beers and specialities, demonstrating that the advance of the international brands continues to be notable, often at the expense of local premium brands.

    Mergers and Acquisitions are covered in comprehensive detail within the report and Ian Pressnell commented: “Consistency is the key to comparability and we use a consistent methodology for all 17 countries to create more accurate and detailed figures.”


    Plato Logic's West Europe Beer Report with 2003 data is available now in hard copy and electronic versions.


    Plato Logic's West Europe beer report is published annually in May.   For further details contact   For more information about Plato Logic's specialist beer market reports  click here

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