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World Brewer Factfile

"World's Fastest Growing Beer Brands"

March 2008

The latest edition of Plato Logic Limited's "World Brewer Factfile" includes analysis of the Top Growth Brands, showing Russian sales of brand Tuborg to be the fastest growing brand world-wide. 
The analysis is based on compound annual growth over the period 2001-2006 and excludes brands of less than 300khl in 2006 and with sales less than 100khl in 2001.
The World Brewer Factfile also includes Top Growth Brewers, with 5 Russian brewers in the top 10 over the same period.
The March edition includes data for 2006 volumes for the major international brewing groups and latest 2007 data


Plato Logic's World Brewer Factfile contains datasheets and analysis of over 300 brewing companies world-wide. For more information about Plato Logic's specialist beer market reports  click here


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