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      Top 10 Beers

    Press Release

    from Plato Logic Limited

    Ø  Top World Beer Brands 2014: Snow leads Bud Light and Budweiser

    Ø  New Value analysis revealed: Bud Light range is most valuable beer brand

    Ø  The Top 10 beer brands by value all achieve over $US2 billion sales (net ex-brewery).

    Top 10 Beer Brands 2014: new VALUE analysis revealed

    The following chart sets out the latest Top 10 Brands ‘league table’ based on provisional 2014 worldwide volumes. The top 10 brands all now achieve in excess of 25mhl, with a combined market share now around 24%.

    World’s Leading Beer Brands, 2014P, million hl:

    Source: Plato Logic Limited, On-The-Hop! Gold, April 2015

    Note: all 2014 figures provisional.

    Plato Logic have also produced a new league table of the top beer brands, based industry value. This is a calculation of the actual net invoiced ex-brewery value.

    On this basis, the Bud Light range (including various line extensions) is the world’s most valuable beer brand.

    Ian Pressnell, Director of Plato Logic commented: “We emphasise that these numbers are Plato Logic’s own computations and are clearly subject to exchange rate variances, nevertheless they are a powerful indicator of those brands that are now leading the way in international markets.”

    There are some notable differences between the value and volume league tables: only 2 Chinese brands are in the value top 10 (4 by volume); Heineken rises 5 places.

    World’s Leading Beer Brands by VALUE, 2014P, $US billion (net ex-brewery):

    Source: Plato Logic Limited, On-The-Hop! Gold, April 2015

    Note: all 2014 figures provisional.

    Note: Bud Light includes Bud range e.g., Dry, Ice, and ‘Ritas’



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