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    Press Release

    from Plato Logic Limited

    Ø  World Beer Market growth again weak in 2014 (provisional)

    Ø  Modest recovery forecast for 2015

    Ø  New Top 10 World Brewers Table announced (provisional/pro forma)

    According to latest figures released by beer market specialists Plato Logic, the World Beer market grew by less than 1% in 2014 (provisional). Ian Pressnell, Director of Plato Logic, commented: “The global beer market suffered above all from a sharp slowdown in China, where the market was essentially flat, compounded by a further decline in Russia. However the Brazil market grew and we estimate very low growth for both USA and Germany. These are the world’s 5 biggest beer markets, accounting for over 50% of global beer consumption.”

    Plato Logic’s latest projections see a return to growth of around 2% in 2015. “We currently project that China will resume mid-single-digit growth, where each percentage point of growth now has a 0.25% impact on the global top-line figure.”

    Plato Logic have also announced an updated Top 10 World Brewers league table, based pro forma 2014 volumes (latest estimates). The ‘Big 4’ retain a combined market share of over 50% (pro forma 2014).

    World’s Leading Brewers, pro forma 2014, latest estimates, million hl

    Source: Plato Logic Limited, February 2015.

    Notes to chart: The A-B InBev figures include Modelo (net of USA) and OB acquisition pro forma 2014. SABMiller figures include 100% CR Snow. ‘MillerCoors’ volume allocated 50/50 to SABMiller and MCBC. Carlsberg includes Chongqing pro forma 2014. Some deals may be pending regulatory approval.

    In Europe the Heineken brand is forecast to have regained the number 1 brand ranking from Baltika in 2014.

    Source: Plato Logic Limited, February 2015.


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