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    Press Release

    from Plato Logic Limited, 8th February, 2010

    World Beer Market stable in 2009 (provisional)

    New Top 10 World Brewers Table announced (provisional/pro forma)

    According to latest figures released by beer market specialists Plato Logic, the World Beer market grew by less than 0.1% in 2009 (provisional). Ian Pressnell, Director of Plato Logic, commented: “Overall the ‘top-line figure’ for 2009 (provisional) does confirm a challenging year for the global beer industry, nevertheless stability could be taken as going some way to endorse the sector’s ‘resilience’.”

     Plato Logic have now prepared an updated Top 10 World Brewers league table, based pro forma 2009 volumes (latest estimates).

     The chart shows that A-B InBev take the number 1 spot, ahead of SABMiller, Heineken and Carlsberg. The new ‘Big 4’ have established a clear lead, with combined market share estimated at just over 50% (pro forma 2009).



    World’s Leading Brewers, pro forma 2009, latest estimates, million hl

    Source: Plato Logic Limited, February 2010.

    Notes to chart: The A-B InBev figures exclude Modelo and other minority investments, and are adjusted for disposals. ‘MillerCoors’ volume allocated 50/50 to SABMiller and MCBC. Heineken figures adjusted for FEMSA acquisition. Some deals may be pending regulatory approval.


    For 2010, Plato Logic’s current ‘control scenario’ assumes that the world beer market will pick up again, with growth forecast to reach 3% or more. Ian Pressnell said: “While this may appear quite optimistic, we would expect growth to resume in some emerging markets.”

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